What Is The Right Price To Pay For Replica Handbags?

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This is a question I’ve answered countless times for readers and friends over the years. Sometimes I take for granted that I’ve shopped at so many replica handbags sites that I can immediately tell the fair price from the nonsense, as well as the price that screams This is not worth a dime!!

With replica handbags particularly the rule applies that if the price is too good to be true, it is. If you see a $25 replica Louis Vuitton purse, run for the hills. It’s just as true that if the price is really high, there’s pretty much no way it’s worth it. The reason is the vast majority of bags can be perfectly replicated for $200-$300. Bags that are priced double and triple that are just about guaranteed to be priced to impress. Very few replica handbags actually need to be $600.

What you need to remember though is that the bag you’re buying is meant to replicate a bag that, authentic, is worth a thousand, or several thousand dollars. It’s worth it to pay a little extra to get high quality, because you’re already saving immensely – the trick is just knowing what’s too much, because some sites are just tacking on extra cost to make it look like they have higher quality.

The Illusion of Savings – $100 Replica

This is a tricky price range for many people. It’s only $100 and it looks the same as the site that’s selling it for $200 or $250. The difference is colossal though. In the case of this Neverfull it’s the difference between having a realistic reproduction of the Louis Vuitton monogram canvas (which you can have for $250) and having this flimsy canvas that will not age properly and will likely tear within a few months.

The Glorified Plastic Bag – $20 Replica

I shouldn’t need to explain much here. If you were a $2000 Fendi purse on sale for $20, do you think you’d be a faithful representation of the real thing? Bags priced like this are not worth ten cents because they’re never believable to even the least trained eyes and they’re usually made of plastic basically. You’re liable to wear it once, get laughed at, and throw it out. This bag is not even based on a real design.

The Waste of Money – $650 Replica

Here’s precisely what I was talking about that you have to learn to avoid. A lot of replica sites will get people with Hermes, because the real ones are so expensive they’ll try to justify the $650 or $700 price tag. In this case this isn’t even a good replica Hermes Messenger worth $300, let alone $700. While it’s obvious a $20 bag is crap, it’s more difficult with a price that’s too high. But if you know that there’s very little reason why a replica purse should cost more than $300-$350, ever, you’ll know that this is just a tactic to make you think you’re getting something better.

The Sweet Spot – $200-300 Replica

This is what I like to call the sweet spot, because the vast majority of replica sites sell most of their purses in this price range. They are often the most honest vendors. The reason is this is the price range that reflects the cost of manufacture and materials necessary to reproduce a high quality luxury designer purse. This flap purse is $275 and it’s flawless.

There are very few cases where I would recommend paying over $350 for a replica purse. I have had by far the most success in terms of quality and value in the $200-300 range, because that’s the realistic price, and you know you’re dealing with an honest vendor.

I’m sure ladies have a lot of questions about this subject so please feel free…what else are people confused about?

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