Suede Replica Handbags And Shoes: Joy Or Hassle?

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Replica Suede Shoes And Handbags

Every woman knows that winter is full of fashion limitations – so many of the beautiful materials used in our designer replica handbags and shoes simply don’t agree with the snow and the slush! One of the things we’re always taught is that suede can never wet, and that if it does, it will be the end of the world! Well, maybe not – but certainly the end of your shoes. But I’m here to tell you it’s not true!

For starters, you can take precautions to weatherproof them, but even if you haven’t done that and they get wet, I’ll give you some tips to keep them looking good, rain or shine.

Now, it’s important that I clarify that I’m talking about replica shoes using real suede, and not that awful fake suede you see sometimes. That stuff will never fool anybody, so be sure you know what you’re buying! Replicas using suede are obviously a little more expensive, but if you pick a good pair and take care of them, it can really be worth it.

Replica Suede Shoes And Handbags

To protect designer replica handbags, boots or shoes made of suede, you can buy a stain and water repellent spray, usually at shoe stores but I’ve even seen them at the drug store. I find it’s pretty effective at keeping them from spotting. If you have untreated suede and it gets wet, this is what you do: fill the purse, boots or shoes with newspaper to make sure they keep their shape. You can carefully press them with a paper towel to get rid of excess water. Then simply leave them to dry, ideally near a window where they can get some air. But this is the most important part – don’t leave them on a heater! It causes the suede to frizz up! That’s how most women really ruin their replica shoes, and they just assume it was the rain.

But a little disclaimer – don’t go running around in the rain in your replica suede boots! These tips will let you wear them when there’s a little snow on the ground, and save them if they get rained on once in a while, but it won’t make them invincible. Hopefully they will make you a little more comfortable buying and wearing this lovely material.

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