Lina Hoss stars in Gucci's spring-summer 2017 timepiece and jewelry campaignLina Hoss stars in Gucci's spring-summer 2017 timepiece and jewelry campaign

Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele focuses on jewelry and timepieces with the release of its latest campaign. Shot for the spring-summer 2017 season, Colin Dodgson photographs the images starring Lina Hoss and other models. Made with art direction by Christopher Simmonds, pieces such as G-Timeless watch, House Double G necklace and G-Frame watch stand out. In addition to the images, Gucci also created a minute-long film set to the tunes of “Sketch For Summer” by Vini Reilly.


Gucci unveils spring-summer 2017 timepiece and jewelry campaignGucci unveils spring-summer 2017 timepiece and jewelry campaignAn image from Gucci's latest jewelry campaignAn image from Gucci's latest jewelry campaignColin Dodgson photographs Gucci Timepieces spring-summer 2017 campaignColin Dodgson photographs Gucci Timepieces spring-summer 2017 campaign

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That feeling when… is another genius collaborative project (after #GucciGram and #24HourAce) under Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele, who invited artists all over the world to give their spin on the house’s latest watches featuring its iconic animal motifs. How so? By creating memes that incorporate Gucci’s timepiece of the moment, the Le Marché des Merveilles collection.

If you’ve been following Gucci’s Instagram account, you would have noticed the slew of memes that have been posted in recent days. Three days and counting, and it doesn’t seem like they’re stopping until the entire series has gone up, which is a good thing since some are hilarious while others hit really close to home.


These memes leave such a strong impression that they’ve succeeded in making you remember these watches, as you talk/laugh/share with your friends on social media about how funny each meme is. Which is all well and good, but will it be enough for you to put good money down for a watch that’s ultimately just a fun fashion accessory as far as Gucci is concerned, since they aren’t technically watchmakers to begin with? In other words, will the hype be enough to boost sales? Or is this just good for a quick laugh?

Only time will tell. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

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A new ad campaign has arrived, which gives a sneak peak on the new bags introduced for the Cruise 2017 Collection. So what do we see?

Well, all new bags that have been recently introduced are back with new decoration, quilting and hardware. We can feel that Gucci has put a lot of love designing these accessories.


The new Gucci GG Marmont Shoulder Bag is made with new Cubic pattern and studs, the Gucci Sylvie Signature Bag in our favorite baby blue shade and printed with summer flowers. Now carry these when entering the rainy and snowy seasons, it will put some smiles on people’s faces – positive fashion!

For now, just enjoy the images. If you are seeking for the details, don’t worry; we will feature them one by one later on. We will sip some thee and coffee and shit shat all about bags until we get fed up. Uhh, can we get fed up of bags? Nahhh…






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If Marilyn Monroe is still alive today, we are 100% sure that she would fall head over heels over the Gucci Marmont Shoulder Bag especially in its hibiscus red color. Yes, it’s a classic shoulder bag that one shouldn’t dare miss.

A well-structured chain shoulder bag, this Gucci beauty has an oversized flap closure completed with its signature Double G Hardware. Aside from its compact shape, we also have a penchant for its multifunctional sliding chain strap for you can wear it in multiple ways. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or as a top handle bag, it’s that convenient. The golden GG clasp also added the right amount of glamour to it.

We are also liking the fact that it comes in three different colors: hibiscus red, pink and black. However if you ask for our opinion, we would definitely tell you to go for that cherry red colored bag of a gem! Trust us, you’ll never go out of style with it.

It measures 7.5′ x 5.5′ x 2′ inches (W x H x D) and is priced $1750 USD.

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A bag that is fit for a royalty, yes, those are the very words that will describe and could probably do justice to Gucci’s Broadway Chain Shoulder Bag. It’s too pretty that it might probably be a fashion crime not to own it. We are that enamored with this monarchical blue-blooded bag.

First things first, we are in love with the metallic light blue leather which was showcased in a padded chevron pattern. And oh, if you couldn’t get enough of this shoulder bag, you can also opt to buy the other color in metallic gold leather.

What more, the sliding chain strap is definitely a touch of royalty. You can wear the bag over your shoulders or it can be worn as a top handle, thanks to its adjustable strap. And last but not the least, the feline head placed in the center actually made all the difference! Talk about hearing you roar with your fashionable Gucci bag!

It measures 7.5′ x 6′ x 2′ (W x H x D) inches and is priced $1750 USD or €1390 euro via Gucci store.







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Gucci Jackie Soft Flap Bag

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You know what kind of bag is fabulous? A glorious bag from the past, that once has shined and now forgotten. And to bring it back alive again through minor modification, so that it fits to our modern time.
The Chanel Classic Flap Bag is the perfect example, it was inspired by the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag, made by Coco Chanel and released in 1955. Throughout the years this bag has been re-shaped, modified and re-painted numerous of times.
And now presenting the Gucci Jacky Soft Flap Bag, the creative director Frida Giannini of Gucci decided that it was time for the Classic Gucci Jackie Bag to rise again. And it’s not only a ‘Classic’, but also ‘Timeless’, you see, this bag can be worn in every season and it will stand by your side for a long time, crafted from both supple full grain pastel leather, it’s as durable as it can get.
Featuring the beautiful piston closure with Gucci’s signature on it, can you spot it? With sleek exotic skins, it’s a sophisticated beauty, the edges are entirely hand-painted. Carry it on your shoulder or cross body, allows the Gucci Jackie Soft Flap Bag to help you survive during the long fall and winter season.
You can find a multi-gusset in the interior, with a single open pocket. Measuring 10.6’ x 7.8’ x 3.1’ (W x H x D) inches.




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